Zone Map

Several readers have asked for a zone map so that they can get a better idea of where these stories are taking place. This crude, hand drawn zone map is the only one that I know of in existence:

Zone Map

To help understand this a little better here are the locations of the zones:

100-Downtown Birmingham north of the railroad tracks, south of I-20/59

110- East Birmingham, Woodlawn, Kingston


130-Crestwood, Clairmont, Eastwood area

140-East Homewood, Soho Square, Hollywood, Brookwood Mall and Hospital

150-Mountain Brook, Summit, Cahaba Heights


200-West End, Legion Field, College Hills

210-Titusville, West End, Powderly

215-Ensley, Wylam

220-Midfield, Fairfield, Wenonnah

230-Hoover north of I-459

235-West Homewood, Greensprings, Lakeshore, Oxmoor

240-Bessemer, Brighton, Lipscomb, part of Hueytown

250-Pleasant Grove, Concord, part of Hueytown

300- East Lake, Irondale north of I-20

310-Irondale south of I-20, Crestline Park


330-East side of 280 south of I-459, Liberty Park, part of Leeds

340-part of Leeds, east side of 280 south of AL 119

400-North Birmingham west of I-65, east of US 78, Acipco, Fountain Heights, Hooper City

410-West side of US 78 north of I-20/59, Pratt City

420-Forestdale, Coalburg

430-Adamsville, Union Grove, Docena

440-Warrior, Mount Olive

500-East side of North Birmingham north of I-20/59 (includes Sheraton, BJCC, Westin), Collegeville, Norwood


530-Inglenook, Tarrant, Fultondale

540- Gardendale

550-Roebuck, Centerpoint, Pinson, Clay

700- West side of 280 south of I-459, Inverness, Acton

710-Indian Springs

720-Hoover south of I-459

730-Shelby East, Chelsea, Harpersville

740-Shelby West, Pelham, Alabaster, Helena

*All views and opinions are strictly those of R.W. Walker. These views do not reflect the views of any cab company.

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